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Strictly Unconventional is a series on YouTube that virtually takes viewers of all (or most) ages through different comic-book conventions (occasionally anime conventions too) and other fan-oriented events.

The series was created by Aria Palma and series editor & cameraman, Drew.

This series can be found on Aria's Youtube channel. In addition to Strictly Unconventional, the channel also features other series and projects, like vlogs and more to come! For more information, check out our Other Projects.


Our Team

Strictly Unconventional wouldn't be possible without the amazing team behind it. Here's our proud members.


Aria palma

Aria Palma is the host of Strictly Unconventional and head of her own YouTube channel. She is also the lead photographer for this website. 

Aria associates herself with many fandoms, and wants to show the beauty of going to conventions and represent those fandoms.


Drew may not be his full name, but that's what you'll know him by! Drew is the editor/director/camera operator of Strictly Unconventional.

While he isn't as involved within the fandom community as Aria, he's still very, very in love with his shows and is willing to kill for them. (Or maybe not kill, but a very aggressive slap of the wrist.)

Tod and johanna tangonan

Tod and Johanna have been married for many years, as well as convention fanatics for even more!

They both currently serve as Strictly Unconventional's travel organizers.